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There's more than one way to strengthen a weak Character.

Before we begin you'll need to know what a Power Level is and if you haven't ran across it yet then click here.

All good? Then let's jump into increasing your Power Level.

Increasing Power Levels

Option I - Starting Master Characters

Starting Master Characters are...brace yourself...Master Characters with which a player can begin the game. Like standard Master Characters they are combined with a standard Character and can give it more Strength, Craft, Gold, Lives, and/or Special Abilities. Each one also has a Power Level bonus.

If a player selects a Warrior (Power Level 1) and the only other player in the game selects a Conjurer (Power Level 2) the Warrior player can select Ancient, Blessed, Champion or any of the number of "+1 Power Level" Characters contained here to balance things out.
As a matter of fact as a player could start with a Ancient Blessed Champion Sprite and as long as all the other players have Characters with a Power Level of 6 (1+1+1+3) it's still a fair game but the poor Enemies don't have a chance. The higher the allowed Power Level for Characters the shorter your gme is likely to be.
Also note that many "+1 Power Level" Characters have stronger versions as well if you need them and the Enemy can even the score - if more ways than one.

Option II - Fusion Characters

You can begin the game by combining multiple Characters. Your Strength and Craft are the lowest values on any of your selected Characters but you have all their Special Abilities. You can select your Alignment and Starting Space as long as it is listed on any of them. Your Power Level is equal to the total Power Level for all your selected Characters +1 for every Character you selected beyond the first.
For example you might like the Elf and the Warrior and decided to play an Elf Warrior (with its Power Level of 3).

Option III - Citizen Characters

Why wait to get the Master Characters from the City involved? You might start as a Warrior ans then become the Sheriff or may start as the Conjurer and then try to become the High Mage but the Citizen takes a shorter path.
He is not the strongest or smartest but he starts with the Master Class of his choice and has all its Strength and Craft bonus and Special Abilities.

Power Level 1:
Champion of Chaos* and Templar

Power Level 2:
Herald and Master Thief**

Power Level 3:
King's Champion and Sherriff

Power Level 4:
High Mage and Mystic***

* You ignore Special Ability #7 and the latter part of #6 - you cannot lose this Character.
** You ignore Special Abilities #5 and #6.
*** You are always have two Spells even if your Craft normally does not allow it.

Option IV - Using Game Supplements

A Character has a +2 Power Level bonus if only he can use Homelands or Super Spells
A player can control Multiple Characters. For the sake of balance treat it is a single Character with all their total Power Levels plus two for every Character controlled beyond the first.
A Character has a +1 Power Level bonus if only he begins with a random Skill or can visit the Bandit King.

Ultimate Option

Use everything at once.
There is no reason why you can't control a Hero Dwarf Soldier with a Stealth Skill and the ability to visit the Bandit King. You'll get something like what is below - which is ridiculously overpowered but give all the other players Power Level 6 Characters (maybe another player controls an Elf Warrior and a Leprechaun Rogue) and its fine - just expect a shorter than average game.