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An alternate way to balance out the powerful Characters.

Before we begin you'll need to know what a Power Level is and if you haven't ran across it yet then click here. All good? Then let's jump into decreasing your Power Level.

Decreasing Power Levels

Option I - Negative Master Characters

Not all starting Master Characters need to be beneficial. You could still balance out too powerful Characters by sticking them with the Bad Caster, Coward, Debtor, or other Negative Master Characters.

There are many "-1 Power Level" Characters that stronger versions as well. Someone wants to the play as the Sprite? Well, make her Horribly Hated.

Option II - Fragility

All Characters usually start with and have a normal maximum of 4 Lives..but if doesn't have to be this way. Some "Special Abilities" can lower your Power Level but not without risk.

Option III - Using Game Supplements

A Weak Character has a Power Level of 0.
A Character has a -1 Power Level penalty if he starts with a Plague Card (since it may kill him.) with one counter on it
A Character has a -2 Power Level penalty if he starts off Marked for Death by the Bandit King (since he may kill him.)
A Character has a -1 Power Level penalty if he begins with 3 Curses (which aren't likely to kill him but will definitely complicate his life.)

Ultimate Option

Use everything at once. Again. I created this ridiculous Character by combining a Dwarf Character, a Soldier Character, the Hero Master Character, the Stealth Skill, and the Bandit King just to show how far you could modify a Character.

It's a Power Level 6 Character so it's much more dangerous then any standard Character but make him a Fragile, Hated, Coward, that starts with a Plague Card and 3 Curses and he's a Power Level 1 Character again (and might be lucky to stay alive a dozen turns.)