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Spell List

And One to Grow On - Neutral
Immediately add 1 to the Value of any number card played.

Barrier - Attack / Neutral
Prevent anything from moving into or from your space for NUMBER TURNS. Nothing within the space is within LOS of any other space during this time as well. This is an Attack spell only if some other wizard shares your space when you cast it.

Binding - Attack
Prevent one object from having any effect on the game for a number of turns equal to the Number card used to cast this spell.

Booby Trap Spell - Attack-LOS
Pick two cards from another wizards hand (not his cards on the table) and look at them. Casting either spell inflicts 3 points of damage to him.

Brain Shrink - Attack-LOS
Reduce a wizard's Hand by 1-4 for a number of turns equal to the NUMBER card you must discard when casting this spell.

Brain Strain - Neutral
Discard a NUMBER card and draw an extra number of cards but take an equal amount of damage as well.

Break Spell - Neutral/Attack-LOS
Cancel any one spell affecting yourself or any enemy in LOS

Cloak of Shadows - Neutral-LOS
Any attack made against you has only a 1 in 4 chance of affecting you. This protection is permanent but fades if you move more than 1 square in a single turn.

Counter Creation - Counteraction
Prevent any wizard from casting any spell that creates any solid item (DAGGER, THORNBUSH, any WALL, etc). The countered spell goes to the discard pile.

Deal with the Devil - Neutral
Gain 6 Life and draw 6 six cards immediately and you never have to discard but but you cannot draw more cards if you already have as many as or more than you are allowed. Unfortunately you also take 1-4 points of damage at the beginning of your turn for the rest of the game.

Deca - Neutral/Attack-LOS
Cast this spell on yourself or any enemy, the target will have 10 life. Note that this is not +10 life but 10 life itself. It is a Neutral spell but can be cast on any enemy (with 11 or more life) as an Attack and Add, Amplify, and similiar spells cannot be used in combination with this spell

Delay Power - Neutral/Attack-LOS
This spell prevents a wizard from drawing cards for his next 1-4 turns. When he is able to draw cards again 5 of them are drawn instead of his regular number and must be immediately discarded if this is more than his Hand value allows.

Exhaustion - Attack/LOS
The next spell cast by the target requires him to also discard 3 cards or the rest of his hand (whichever is less).

Extortion - Attack
All other wizards must give you a card or suffer a point of damage, their choice.

Focus - Neutral
Discard up to three cards and for each card discarded you increase the damage or duration of any spell you cast this turn by 1.

Go Home - Neutral
You return to your starting square but any treasure you were holding stays in your orginal square.

Just Kidding - Neutral
You can only cast this spell at the end of your turn. Undo all effects of your current turn (damage, spells used, Life lost, etc) and begin your turn again except this card goes to the discard pile.

Life Stone - Magic Stone
Gain 6 Life when you possess it, lose 6 life if it is somehow taken from you. Note that taking this item from a weakened wizard could kill him!

The Lonliest Number - Counteraction
Force any Number card a wizard uses to be treated as a "1".

Jackpot - Neutral
Roll a 4-sided die three times. For every 1 you roll lose 1 Life, for every 4 you roll gain 2 Life. If you roll the same number three times in a row you gain the following benefits:
Three 1s - instead of losing any life you gain 6 life instead.
Three 2s - draw 3 cards.
Three 3s - instantly move to any square.
Three 4s - gain all three of the above benefits.

Magic Meddling - Counteraction
You may cast this spell against any other wizard using any attack spell anywhere on the board to increase or decrease the damage or the duration by 1.

Martial Arts - Not a Spell
Inflict 1 extra point of damage with any physical attack for the rest of the game.

Meditation - Neutral
This spell ends your turn but you can heal 1 life or draw 1 card. At the end of your next turn and ever turn thereafter you continue healing or drawing cards but this effect ends when you move, attack, or cast a spell.

Mimic Stone - Magic Stone
This Magic Stone can only be used if at least one other Magic Stone is in play. It perfectly duplicates any one Magic Stone in play but if the Magic Stone it is duplicating is destroyed then it is destroyed as well

Minor Curse - Attack
One enemy cannot attack, move, or cast spells (your choice) on their next turn.

Negation Stone - Magic Stone
If you are under the influence of any undesired spells roll a die at the beginning of your turn and if the result is a 4 you may permanently cancel any spells affecting you.

New Deal - Neutral
All players may discard their hand and immediately draw 1 card for each card they were holding.

Parry Spell - Counteraction
You must discard a damage inflicting attack spell to cast this spell. Any damage inflicting spell cast at you has its damage lowered by the damage your spell would normally inflict.

Potion of Might - Neutral
Inflict 3 extra points of damage when you physically attack without a weapon or inflict 2 extra points of damage if using any weapon for the rest of the current turn.

Power Draw - Neutral
Sacrifice 2 life to draw 1 card for the rest of the current turn as often as you wish.

Research - Neutral
Search the draw deck and take one card of your choice but discard all your other cards.

Random Attack - Attack/LOS
Draw cards and immediately discard them until an Attack spell requiring LOS is drawn. This spell is immediately cast. If a NUMBER card is normally required roll a die and add 1 to the result instead.

Sector Sweet Sector - Neutral
Your attacks do 1 extra point of damage, your duration spells last 1 extra turn, and you may move one more square and hold on more than usual as long as you do not leave the sector you currently occupy.

Shape Stone - Neutral
Reshape a MAGIC STONE into the form of the MASTER KEY, DAGGER, or WIZARDBLADE. It has the properties of its new form and still has its orignal ability as well but each time its non-MAGIC STONE is used there is a 1 in 4 chance it will break (place in the discard pile).

Shatter Stones - Attack-LOS
Destroy all of a wizards MAGIC STONES. He takes 1 point of damage for each MAGIC STONE destroyed.

Show And Tell - Attack
All players must immediately show their cards to all other players.

Stonebreaker - Attack
Destroy any Magic Stone. This spell does not require LOS.

Study - Not a spell
Draw 2 cards.

Swiss Army Spell - Attack/Neutral/Counteraction
Cast this spell to do 1 damage to any enemy in LOS, prevent 1 point of damage, move 1 square, heal 1 Life, or draw 1 card. It may also give you a +1 bonus to your Attack, Move, or Hand until your next turn or strengthen the next spell you cast allowing it to do 1 more point of damage/last 1 turn longer than normal.

There Can Only Be One
Cast this spell only during any turn you have killed another wizard to gain 7 Life or draw 7 cards (your choice). If you kill the wizard with the Wizardblade you gain both bonuses!

Transparency - Neutral-LOS
One object or wall in LOS does not block LOS for the rest of the game.

Virtue of Greed - Neutral
If you do not have a treasure you can move one extra space each turn until you pick up a treasure. If you have a treasure you inflict 1 extra point of damage with all attacks until you drop your treasure.