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Spell List

Attack Stone
You gain a +1 Attack bonus while you possess this stone.

Claws - Neutral
Your Attack is now 3. You must discard a Number card to cast this spell which will last for an equal number of turns.

Destruction Stone
You do 2 extra points of damage with any FIRE or DEATH spell.

Discard Stone
You discard one less card than normal if directed to discard a card for any reason.

Hand Stone
You gain a +3 Hand bonus while you possess this stone.

Increase Mass - Neutral/Attack
You increase the mass of any one item on the board. It becomes so heavy a wizard can only move 1 square a turn while he possesses it. If cast on an item a wizard already possesses then this spell is treated as an Attack.

Shapeshifter - Neutral/Self
You take any unsed used wizard class and becoem them increase for NUMBER turns.

Water Stone
You are not affected by fire and neither are your MAGIC STONES.