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Spell List

Animate Treasure
You can move one treasure is if were your piece. It cannot attack but has a Move of 2 and 1 Life. If "killed" this spell is cancelled and it becomes just another treasure.

Bank Holiday
You prevent all players from being able to get points for NUMBER turns. A treasure chest can be dropped in a home space but it just sits there during this time. When this spell expires such treasure will give points, vanish, and reappear elsewhere.

Financial Wizardry - Neutral
You can decide if the next time a treasure is returned to a home space if zero or two treasure chests are randomly placed afterward.

Fools Gold - Attack.
You transform one treasure into worthless material. It will provide no points for a wizard but it remains until it is placed in a wizards home space and is then replaced with a true treasure.

Gold to Platinium - Neutral
You can only cast this spell if you have a treasure. It is now worth one more point than usual.

Last Second Rule Change - Counteraction
You can only cast this spell someone have gotten to 13 points, you now play to 14.

Random Teleport - Neutral or Attack/Same Space
Move anything in your space, including yourself, to a random space.

Stone to Gem - Neutral
Transform one MAGIC STONE in your possession into a treasure. You can still only carry 1 treasure at a time.

Unspecial - Attack / LOS
Prevent a wizard from casting any of his Innate Spells for NUMBER turns.