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Spell List

Animate Treasure Monster - Attack / Neutral
Transform a treasure into a monster. It has an Attack of 1, a Move of 2, and 5 Life. If "killed" this spell is cancelled and it becomes just another treasure.

Banishment - Attack/LOS
You can remove one monster from the board but do not gain points as if you destroyed it in battle.

Death by Monster - Attack/LOS
One target takes 2 extra points of damage whenever a monster inflicts damage on him for the rest of the game.

Monster Bane - Attack / LOS
One monster suffers 1-4 points of damage on it's turns until it dies.

Monsterous Servant - Attack / Same Space
One monster is now under your control for the rest of the game.

Supermonster - Neutral
Give one monster a +1 Attack, +1 Move, and +5 Life bonus.