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Part IIIB - the Monsters

Monsters are much like wizards, they have Attack, Move, and Life values and most have a special ability as well. When a monster is first placed on the board it is "asleep", it does not attack, move, or act in any way. If a wizard moves within LOS of it they it will awaken (become active).
The Dark Elf, Elf Knight, and Summoner have ways to deal with monsters including (you might sense a pattern here) new spells.

Starting the Game

  1. Do everything as normal except print up the 26 monster cards, their corresponding pieces, and the Monster Token which you'll find here.
  2. Shuffle the Monster cards and lay them face down.
  3. After the player that moves first is determined give the Monster Token to the player that acts last.
A Few Sample Monsters

Sequence of Play

  1. The player with the Monster Token rolls a 10-sided die at the end of his turn.
  2. If there are no monsters on the board and the result is a 9 or 10 then a monster is placed on the board.
  3. If there are monsters on the board then only on a 10 is a monster placed in a space.
  4. If a monster is placed on the board then the Monster Token passes to the player that acts before the current possessor of the token.

Placing a Monster

  1. When a monster is needed draw the top Monster card and place it's game piece is a random space.
  2. Monsters are "asleep" - neither moving nor attacking until a wizard movd into LOS of it.

Using Monsters

  1. The player to the awakening players left initally controls the monsters movement during his turn after he has used his wizard.
  2. If a wizard moves into LOS of any active monster then the player to his left now controls the monster.
  3. If a monster is told to attack another monster than the player to left of the player controlling the attacking monster now controls the monster.
  4. Some spells and special abilities allow control of a monster to be changed from one player to another.
  1. Monsters are worth 2 points to the wizard that destroys them except for the Dark Sorcerer, Fire Sorcerer, Necromancer, Pixie, and Queen of Darkness who are wizards and therefore worth three points each.
  2. If a monster destroys another monster than no points are gained by any wizard.
  1. If a wizard destroys a monster he controls he cannot control a monster again for the rest of the game under any circumstances.
  2. Any card or special ability that affects another wizard can affect a monster as well if it seems reasonable considering the effects.