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Part I - the Basics

Years ago I was trying to combine my then two favorite games, Dungeons & Dragons and Risk, and called my idea Wiz-War. Shortly after that I found myself in rarely visited section of Cincinnati, in a game shop I almost never went to, examining a shelf I never even noticed before...until I saw a little box with "Wiz-War" on the cover. Since it was only $6 I figured what the heck and bought it. And it was Good.

I wanted to create a Wiz-War page and my first effect was what everyone does and toss what I thought were a few good spell ideas to share on a page here. If you spend a few minutes Googling you'll find lots of sites with card ideas though and I wanted to do something different.

Part II - The Wizard's

In D&D you can be different types of wizards, why not in Wiz-War?
Now you can brew potions as the Alchemist , use rituals at the Blood Witch to strengthen yourself, create whatever you need as the Conjurer , eat your enemies as the Dragon Mage , or introduce them to arrows as the Elf Archer . And if none of those sound good you could try the Fairy Queen, Gnome, Hag, Illusionist, Jester, Knight Mage, Lich, Mazemaster, Night Lord, Outland Kombatant, Priest of Set, Questing Magician, Rogue, Sorcerer, Treant, Underworld Goblin, Vampire, Wiz-Warrior, Xenomancer, Yin-Yang, or Zombie King.
Wizard classes are pretty uncomplicated. Each one has four basic statistics: Attack (punch damage), Move (maximum spaces per turn), Hand (starting and maximum number of cards), and Life (starting hit points with 0 = dead as before).
Each Wizard has at least one Innate spell. Innate spells are unique to each class and when they are cast they are kept rather than discarded as usual. They are also not considered cards in hand and they cannot be lost or stolen for any reason. Any special items they create do not affect the number of cards a wizard may hold.
Wizards also now gain only 1 card at the end of their turns unless stated otherwise. And there are some extra cards just for this as well here.

Part III - The Wizard's Challenge

I thought adding wizards was a nice idea but eventually thought about reworking some core aspects of the game and maybe even changing the goal. After adding enough ideas it's practically a new game I call Wizard's Challenge. Most of the basic rules (Combat, Movement, etc.) are just like Wiz-War but the little additions really change how you play the game.
All you need to play the game is your original Wiz-War game, two 10-sided dice (what gamer doesn't have those, right?) and to download the rules. There are more spells and the Bard, Centaurian, High Priest, Imp, Leprechaun, and Tyrant for variety. You can even toss in monsters but they aren't necessary. Combine whatever you want to make the game you want to play!

And if you like it or have suggestions email me at TheEternalGamer@Cinci.RR.Com

In case you are not sure if this game is for you the general rules are below if you want a preview but I'm pretty sure you'll like it. :-)

Starting the Game

  1. Remove the RELOCATE SECTOR card from the game and give any spells to any wizards that start with those particular spells before shuffling the deck.
  2. The board is assembled by placing four sectors together in a 2x2 pattern to create a 10 square x 10 square board.
  3. Each player selects a specific corner, called their home square, and places the wizard of their choice on it.
  4. One treasure chest for each player is placed in a random square.
  5. Players roll a die to determine who goes first.


There are two ways to win in Wizards Challenge. The first is for all other wizards to be eliminated from the game, the survivor is the winner (surprised right?). The second is by acquiring points; the first player to have 13 or more points isn't unlucky, he wins! You gain...

1 pointdropping a treasure chest in your home space
3 pointsfor killing an enemy wizard.

Random Placement?

Treasures and occasionally wizards are placed in random squares on the board. Divide the board into rows and column numbering 1-10. When a random square is needed roll a die once for column and again for row, so rolls of 2 and 4 mean something appears in the 2nd column in the 4th row on the board. If rolls determine that something would appear in a square already occupied by anything else that takes up the entire square then re-roll until an empty square is determined.

Special Rules

  • TREASURE - When a wizard drops a treasure in his home square his turn immediately ends, the treasure vanishes only to reappear in a random square, and the wizard gains 1 point.
  • SPELL TYPES - Spells with "fire" or "flame" in their name are FIRE spells. Spells with "Death" in their name are DEATH spells. Spells that that bring an object or feature to the maze (DAGGER, WIZARDBLADE, LARGE ROCK, MASTER KEY, any MAGIC STONE, any WALL, etc) are called CREATION spells. Certain wizards have special rules concerning types of spells they can use.
  • CREATION PENALTY - All Creation spells (see above) require a wizard to discard two extra cards to cast these spells. For example, if a wizard has a MAGIC STONE and just one other card in his hand he cannot cast MAGIC STONE. If he has two cards and MAGIC STONE he could cast it and discard the other two cards from his hand.
  • CREATION BONUS - Wizards are now allowed to carry any number of objects and they are no longer considered cards in hand for them.

    And This is Your Part

    And that's it! If you find something you like, print it up, playtest it, and tell me what you think. Good idea? Bad idea? Too powerful or weak? I want your feedback, feel free to email me at TheEternalGamer@Cinci.RR.Com with any ideas and suggestions you have. And thanks.